Leaving Cert Class of 1969

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  1. Richard McIvor anseo. Now living in Philadelphia, USA having retired this year as a computer programmer. Am working convenience store and took $250 in fake notes the other night. Told there can be fights in the evening. Married to Mary Anne from Phildelphia with 3 children, one in NUI Galway teaching theatre, performance. Can see you on Facebook

  2. Ambrose MAC Diarmada. Mc Dermott

    Looking forward to the day
    Just over hip op will be aim contender in Rory’s Zimmer
    Frame race. Retired and enjoying life. Two books to credit.
    “Tir gan teanga tir gan anam “

  3. Hallo one and all,
    Mick Ryan here and looking forward to being with the multitudes at the reunion.
    I tell people I’m just tired not retired . Sorta retired this year but still do a bit as the humor
    takes me. carpentry ,small remodeling etc nothing big anymore tho. I’m still looking for a swing
    if anyone has found it? Been married since 1975 god bless Violet the poor woman!
    Have a son whose gainfully employed and not asking for money only the odd bit of help
    on his house every so often . Male bonding time that is, that and Liverpool. he’s a big fan.
    Can tell u other stuff when we meet if u have a mind.

  4. Hi All, D.Mac Neill anseo. AKA Declan Nelson. I spent the bulk of my working life in the local government service, retiring in 2010. I married Mary Shields from Carlingford in 1978. We have 2 sons and 2 granddaughters. Mary and I have lived in “Monaghan City” for the past 19 years having previously lived in Dublin, Dundalk Tullamore and Galway. A big Thank You to Peter and Joe for all their efforts in organising this event. Looking forward to meeting everybody on the 10th June.

  5. Hi Folks, Tom Toner here formally Tommy. My sisters, my wife of 41 years and the leaving cert year of 1969 are the only ones who still know me as Tommy. Well a bhuachalli 50 years and a lot of water under the bridge. I went to agricultural college in Galway in Sept ’69 and later back there again for 2 years specialising in Pig Husbandry and Co-Op Management. After a brief dalliance in London in the building trade (plastering) and in ECCO in Dundalk as a process checker I returned to the Meat business working in Cavan as a Pig Farm Manager for Mc Cartin Bros and later for Bacon Co of Ireland which eventually ended up being owned by the Food and Dairy Company “Glanbia” with whom I stayed until my retirement in Nov 2016. I am now a beekeeper, angler, gardener, grandfather or whatever comes on the day. I live in Belcarra a village just outside Castlebar Co Mayo and I love it. We have 4 children 3 girls and a boy and 7 grandchildren 4 of whom arrived in 2018 including twins to our eldest Lorraine.I must say I find myself smiling every time I go on this site the memories, the fun etc. so a big thank you to Peter and his little helpers (it takes people with a bit of humanity and just decency to make stuff like this happen). I did ring Tony Clarke skidger and he assured me he would do his best to change his arranged flight and turn up on the day.
    Best Regards to All, Tom

    • Tommy Toner it was an absolute pleasure to meet you yesterday after almost 50 years. Apart from that fancy suit you haven,t changed one bit—still that same guy who sat on front of myself and Gerry McEvoy all those years ago. Hopefully it wont be 50 years till we meet again a chara. Slan go foil

  6. Hi Everybody, Gerry Mc Evoy here. I didnt realise my name in Gaelic was spelt like that”every day is a learning day”.I left Clarks after 2 years service on £8-10S per week for a £2 rise and went to work with Woolworths,Henry St. Dublin and 4 months later they transferred me to Glasgow with another £2 rise.”I was in the big time now”.Said to my mother “Mammy don’t worry, I’ll go for a spin on the plane and will be back in a few weeks”and I’ll not bring back an English girl. WELL as you may have guessed I got it totally wrong,never came back and married a Church of England girl,you can imagine doing that at that time there were a couple of “focails” in my “cluas. Glad to say we are still married after 42 years and two lovely Daughters. I worked for Woolies for 37 years and worked all over the UK. My poor daughters had 5 different accents in that time. I took early retirement when I was 56 and after crawling up the walls with boredom after a few week I took a job with Greater Manchester police which I only intended to do for a few years. Eleven years on I am still with them and loving every minute of it. I cant wait to get over to see you all on the 10th and have a bit of craic and some. “RIRA RAIC AGUS RUAILLE BUAILLE”. Best wishes to you all.

  7. Hi all. Is mise Daithi O’Murchu AKA Daithi Lacha AKA Denis’s brother.

    Retired early in 2013 after 44 years at the grind stone. 16 years with Dundalk Engineering Works otherwise known as S&S during which time I qualified as an accountant and then 28 years at ABP Foods as Group Financial Controller and Director.

    I’m married to Nuala and we have 4 children

    Retirement is great and I enjoy golfing twice a week, a bit of gardening, projects and going on as many holidays as I can fit in each year.

    I am really looking forward to catching up with everybody and hopefully a repeat of the 25th renunion.

    Many thanks to Peter and Joe for all the great work.

  8. Hi All,
    Brendan McCabe here. Looking forward to meeting everybody again. After leaving CBS, I spent 4 very enjoyable years in UCD. I then went to work in the Computer Department in Irish Life and remained there for 36 years until I retired early at the age of 57. Early Retirement was one of the best decisions I ever made. Since I am single, I decided to return to Dundalk when I retired to be closer to the wider family. It is only 1 hour to Dublin on the Matthews bus so I can go up there as often as I want (it would be a shame to let the Free Travel Pass go to waste !!!). Nice food, drink and chat to look forward to in June. Hard to better that. Thanks to Peter/Joe for all their work in setting up the reunion (and Peter incidentally has great ways of tracking people down !!!)

  9. Hi all

    Brian Lambe here.
    In semi retirement following 45 years in construction.
    Living in Drogheda for approx 25 years – married with two children and two grand children. Yes – still with her and you’ve guesses it – she’s from Drogheda.
    Play a little bit of golf poorly but enjoy.
    Can recognise some of the old faces but difficult to decipher the names as Gaeilge!
    Yes – sad to note the passing of some of our colleagues but the older we get the faster life seems to pass us on that journey.
    Looking forward to catching up on the 10th.

  10. Hi All
    Paul Cahill here. I just retired last December after a long career journey that took me from Dundalk to Holland, then Belgium and finally to the U.S. I am married (to Debbie) and have a son & daughter (who both are currently living in Colorado). Really looking forward to catching up with everybody after all these years!

  11. Hi, Denis Murphy here. Looking forward to seeing all the old faces and trying to remember everyone’s name in English. Stayed friends with McArdle and McKevitt over the years,and still answer Joe N Milligan on the phone “as gaeilge ” should be a great day on 10th. See ye all soon.

  12. Hi people, Peter Nulty here, still above ground and still breathing, (It’s sad to see the pics of those who aren’t, maybe we should have that collage framed for the day, bring them with us in memory?). After c16 years with McGahon & O’Neill and most of the rest with Campus Oil I escaped the shackles two years ago. I can now be found wandering aimlessly around the town and over the Coolies with Áine my long suffering wife (43 years married)….If you don’t keep moving they’ll bury you. We live on the Avenue Road and have 3 in line awaiting their inheritance while two more (grandkids) hope there will be some left for them. Looking forward to being reminded of old times. By the way my guess for pic no 1 is captain birdseye (or maybe Brendan Cleary) Pic no2 is obviously Christy Moore (or maybe Rory McArdle)

  13. Hi Everyone, Peter Mc Kevitt here . I am retired four years having worked for Clark’s Shoemakers,Nike and with Rehab (for 32 years ). Really enjoying being retired although it took me a while to make the transition from work. I am married to Sheila for 43 years and we have two sons, and live in Dundalk. I am a member of Greenore Golf Club and enjoy watching Dundalk FC and I follow the Sean O Mahonys GFC. Really looking forward to meeting everyone at the reunion.

  14. Hi Rory McArdle here.
    I retired in 2012 after 41 years with AIB Bank. Working in London Bray and finally in Dublin. I am married for 44 years to Paula.We have 3 children and 5 grand children who keep me busy.

  15. Hi All
    Joe P Mulligan Here at jpmulligan555@gmail.com
    Retired after 40 years teaching in Shelagh N.S. Dundalk. Living on Castleblayney Road doing as little as possible and enjoying every minute. Looking forward to seeing everyone on June 10th

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